It's Strawberry Planting Time

October 1st through November 15th is time to plant strawberries in Bradford County. Bare rooted transplants are planted now to give the young plants time to grow and develop before spring when fruit production begins. Cold weather will not kill the strawberry plants, however it will damage the tender blooms and keep the plant from producing fruit until after the last frost.

Yes, strawberries can be planted very successfully in our area, most growers plant double rows on raised beds with the strawberries 12" apart. Plastic mulch or pine straw can be used to keep the fruit off the ground. Homeowners with limited space can use many types of containers and media to grow strawberries. You may even want to try some hydroponic strawberries.

Newer strawberry varieties such as Chandler, Sweet Charlie and Camorosa have become local favorites. Planting depth is critical, do not cover the transplant crown with soil and do not plant too shallow by leaving the roots exposed. Overhead irrigation is necessary during the first couple weeks after transplanting. Call our office for the publication, Growing Strawberries in the Home Garden.


Start Planting Strawberries in October.