July Vegetable Gardening Guide

  • Start broccoli, cauliflower, collards, and cabbage so you will have transplants for the Fall.
  • Fertilizer peppers, okra, and other warm season vegetables so they will produce throughout the summer.
  • When nighttime temperatures stay in the 80's and above, blossoms of tomato, bush beans, cucumbers, and peppers may drop.  If temperatures stay cooler, plants will still produce.
  • Remember to pick cucumbers, squash, beans, okra, and peppers regularly so plants will continue producing.
  • Blossom end rot on tomatoes or a similar rot on peppers is caused by a calcium deficiency or fluctuations in soil moisture.  Try to keep plants evenly moist.  Discard rotting fruit.
  • Remove all diseased vegetable plants or infected leaves from the garden.  Prevent the spread of a disease by watering plants carefully at the soil level.
  • As basil plants begin to bloom, cut plants back just above a pair of leaves to encourage growth.

Start Broccoli in July so that you will have transplants for the Fall.